Tillamook Cheddar
Day 17 (9/1)

We made it to Tillamook Cheese! It was a great turnout at the factory and everyone who worked there was excited to see Tillie. Although, it was a long, hot, emotional day, we persevered. Everyone was excited to get to the beach after our final event, especially Tillie. She was like a little pup when she saw the ocean. It was heartwarming. Claudette made another amazing meal of clam chowder and we reminisced about the trip. We rallied after dinner and went down to a fire on the beach. The night ended with s’mores, the sound of crashing waves, and good vibes.

Day 16 (8/31)

Up bright and early to make it to our event in Portland at The Arrangement. There had been a slight mishap with Kris’ front tooth, so an emergency dental appointment was sped to in order to make the event on time. We nearly missed it because we had to go back to open the truck- the keys had been locked inside. All worked out and the event went off without a hitch. Lots of Bowman’s friends and family came out to see Tiliie and the TMU. Afterwards we tailgated a bit in the parking lot then went to Bowman’s childhood home for a delicious spaghetti supper. His mom, Claudette, is very kind and makes the most amazing food. There were faint plans of going out after dinner, but everyone was too tired to do anything.

Day 15 (8/30)

It was hard to leave the comforts of The Rex for the road, but eventually we did. Kris picked up a soldering kit (which was never used), while we enjoyed strawberry mint lemonade from a nearby cafe. Traffic was tight going across the Golden Gate Bridge, but we managed to get a good shot. Much to the dismay of the people who were flipping us off for driving slowly. The weather was hot and the traffic slow as we inched along towards Oregon. Along the way, we got separated because the speed limit for trailers dropped to 55mph. The Cadillac crew made it to the cabin in Ashland around 3:30am, but Bowman, Gordon, and the dogs camped out in the truck for the night.

Day 14 (8/29)

Starbucks was a godsend before driving into San Francisco traffic. Fog rolled over the TMU as we entered the city. A very kind zoo employee named Joe came to direct us to our location, which happened the be right at the entrance to the zoo. It was great, although Doc and Tillie were not allowed out of our designated circle. We shared the spotlight with a baby Komodo dragon. It was quite thrilling for many zoo workers to have dogs on the grounds. Tillie did two performances at the zoo on the same paper with two different colors. The Color Hound’s suggestion came through! We packed up around 5 and went to a NICE hotel in San Francisco that Kris was able to get us a deal on. Making it through the traffic to our place in Oakland just seemed like to much of a stretch in order to get to Gordon’s gig later that night. The Rex was heavenly. Our rooms had a connecting fire escape encased with ivy. We rested luxuriously for a bit then went to Dj Nappy G’s show at the Elbo Room. He killed. En route, we found out our cab driver also had two Jack Russell Terriers, mother and son. Scot was the best. He picked us up after the show and brought us to the best burrito place.

Day 13 (8/28)

The Cadillac seemed to disagree with the desert heat as much as we did, so we had to take it to a mechanic in Long Beach. Larry recommended the place across the street from The Pike (thanks again, Larry!), so the crew got to relax a bit in Long Beach. Around 4:30 the boys headed to LA to get some camera equipment, but the Cadillac (still without air conditioning) got stuck in LA traffic because we left a bit later. Kris was able to get everything he needed and we drove off into the night. We had decided to stay in San Jose instead of San Luis Obispo because Andrew got us a gig at the San Francisco Zoo! Thanks Andrew!!! *Our Motel 6 in San Jose photocopied every one of our IDs and advised us to bolt the door…